Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation
From 2006 to February 2012, MaiKhanda engaged University College London (UCL) to do external monitoring and evaluation for the program. The model used was based a randomized control trial and the results were disseminated in January 2012. The model was designed to monitor and evaluate MaiKhanda inputs, processes and outputs of both community and facility interventions. Below is an overview of evaluation process;

The purpose of the evaluation
  • To measure the impact of health facility level and community level interventions on maternal and neonatal mortality.
  • To understand the processes and context at the health facility and community level which affect maternal and neonatal mortality and the mechanisms by which the interventions may have affected the processes and context to impact on maternal and neonatal mortality.
  • To estimate the cost-effectiveness of the interventions.

Data for Decision-making

All the processes of QI rely on the collection of reliable and accurate data from the facilities. This data capture allows the facilities to recognize areas for improvement, and to measure their progress. Data improvement measures were implemented in all the nine facilities. Data clerks from the facilities were trained in collection of good quality data and were also trained in skills in reporting complete and accurate data.

Training for data clerks was done at least twice a year during a collaborative learning session. Data audits were conducted at least once a month per facility by the data coordinator.

Quality improvement teams have been trained in collection of data for the different processes in the hospital and have also been taught basic skills in graphical presentations (run charts and pareto charts) and analysis of data using run chart rules.

Data Improvement Moving on MaiKhanda plans to;

  • Continue running data collaborative learning sessions for all data clerks
  • Continue conducting data audits for each facility on a monthly basis
  • Engage QI teams in data analysis activities
  • Feedback results of data analysis for each facility and task forces on a monthly basis
  • Share data dashboards with DHMT on a monthly basis
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  • Engage HMIS officers in project data collection, cleaning and analysis
  • Train Task force members in collection and use of data
  • Design data dashboards for use by HMIS officers and DHMT
  • Build capacity for MaiKhanda program officers in collection and analysis of data for improvement